Flowers for Guys?

Duct Tape Roses–  Afraid to send a guy flowers?   We have the perfect flower to send. Duct Tape Roses. Great for Valentine’s Day an anniversary gift, retirement gift, graduation gift or special birthday gift. Choose your color and quantity. Sold in quantity 3, 6, 9 or 12.

The ultimate gift this Valentines Day!

The ultimate gift this Valentine's Day!

These fun roses are also a great gift idea for teacher appreciation week. Instead of presenting a male teacher with a flower, why not a Duct Tape Rose.

Staying on the duct tape theme…

When you met him, his wallet was made of duct tape. Happily, you’ve moved beyond that stage, but he still believes a little bit of duct tape can go a long way. With this sign, you can concede that the gray sticky stuff has gotten you out of a jam once or twice.

Our Duct Tape Sign can be hung on the wall or displayed on a tabletop with our easel back. Sophisticated styling with a hand-antiqued finish. 16″ x 5″


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