Medical Alert Jewelry

Visit GaVooN for medical bracelets and jewelry. GaVooN offers a variety of styles and designs that are quality items, trendy and unique.

Most engraving time is 3-4 days. We offer a fine selection of sterling silver medical bracelets, stainless steel medical bracelets, silver plated medical bracelets, gold plated medical bracelets, medical jewelry such as pendants, watches, and necklaces.

Select from our standard medical bracelet line, or we can engrave the Medical Emergency Symbol on ANY OF OUR OTHER LINES of mens, or childrens bracelets.

GaVooN offers medical alert jewelry that can be customized or engraved with name, medical condition or message.

Many designs can be personalized on the front and/or back of the item. We offer items for diabetes, allergy, alzheimer, parkinsons as well as many other styles to choose from.

Our Black Personalized Medical Alert Bracelet has an justable snap-closure black leather medical id bracelet with engravable pewter plaque. Stylish design. Quality leather. Fits most men’s wrist sizes 7 in. to 8.5 inch. Note: In keeping with the style of these bracelets, plaques are not mounted in perfect parallel to the leather strap, but the engraving is centered properly on the plaque.


5 Responses to “Medical Alert Jewelry”

  1. Join the 21st Century! There are Medic Alert emblazoned flash drives on the market TODAY. The prices range from $20 to $50. Or, you can be a cheapskate like me, and glue a Medic Alert logo to both sides of a plain vanilla flash drive, and wear that!

  2. I got my grandma a medical alert unit a few months ago, but it’s the one where you push the button and it alerts 911 automatically. You just have to plug it into a landline phone and you’re all set to go! Totally awesome!! The company I got it from had some sort of promo where all you have to do is pay the monthly monitoring fee and they send it out to you for free.

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