Godfather Gifts

A baby’s baptism or christening is a very special and meaningful event, a day when family, friends, and other loved ones welcome a new baby into their faith. To commemorate this special occasion, there are many unique keepsake gifts you can give to the baby’s new godparents.

A godfather is a person that a godchild looks to for guidance, love, and support. You can choose to give your baby’s new godfather a gift in private, or give him and your baby’s godmother their gifts at a party after the baptism.

My best friend’s daughter was baptized last summer, but my friend didn’t realize that she was supposed to give her chosen godparents gifts. Not that they made a big deal about it, but she was embarrassed and frantically searched for gifts to make it up to them. Finding a gift for her daughter’s godfather proved to be almost impossible, but there are many unique ideas she could have gone with as a special gift for him.

A personalized ceramic coffee mug will remind your baby’s godfather of that special day (and that special child!) every time he takes a sip of his favorite hot beverage. Place a gift card inside (maybe to a local coffeehouse?) for an added touch that is sure to be appreciated.

If the godfather in question works at a desk on a day-to-day basis, try a personalized keepsake star desk ornament. It can be engraved with your child’s name, and can double as a paperweight!

There are many different kinds of customizable picture frames for godfathers, but the most popular are handprint frames: frames that display a picture of the godchild next to his/her tiny handprint.

If your child’s baptism is fast approaching, don’t forget to buy gifts for both of the new godparents, and make sure to take the time to find them something that will help remind them of their new responsibility!


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