Flowers for Guys? Duct Tape Roses of Course

flowers for guys

Valentine's Day Flowers

Afraid to send a guy flowers? We have the perfect flower to send. Duct Tape Roses. Great for Valentine’s Day an anniversary gift, retirement gift, graduation gift or special birthday gift.

These fun roses are also a great gift idea Valentine’s Day, a special birthday or anniversary or of course…any time of year.

Duct Tape Roses are the Ultimate flowers for guys.

Looking for other great gift ideas for guys on Valentine’s Day…

I Love My Boyfriend Statement Bands

The I Love My Boyfriend Statement band is a great gift idea and yes…I Love My Girlfriend is available too.
Fun trendy jewelry to show off your style. Be inspired, Be trendy. I Love My Boyfriend band allows you to let everyone know just how you feel. Silicone style thick band. The newest craze.

Stainless Steel Polished & Rose Gold Plated Pendant

This pendant is two gifts in one.  One for him and one for her…a perfect gift.

valentine necklace

Gift for him - Gift for her

Celebrate a special occasion with a keepsake gift for both him and her. Our stainless steel polished and rose gold plated heart set makes a wonderful gift both can enjoy.

Be sure to check out more great gift ideas for guys at


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